Without Reservations

Author: Joey Altman,Jennie Schacht

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470130458

Category: Cooking

Page: 274

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A popular television chef explains how to prepare restaurant-quality meals at home in a cookbook that shares the secrets of chef-caliber food, with more than 120 recipes for everything from cocktails and appetizers to entrâees and desserts.

Without Reservations

Author: Roger C. Boughton

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595305156

Category: Fiction

Page: 242

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Without Reservations

Author: Ricardo Cate

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

ISBN: 1423630092

Category: Humor

Page: 96

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Cartoons about Indians collected from the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Embracing America on a Hog and a Hack without Reservations

Author: Cheryl Seitz, as told by Susie Puckett

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1512722774

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 128

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If adventure came knocking, would you have the courage to open the door? That was the question Susie had to answer. She was very comfortably established in her hometown routine, semiretired and serene. So it was with some misgivings that she agreed to take a tour around the perimeter of the United States with her husband, Bob. The conveyance? His new dream machine, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with a sidecar added just for her. With no former riding experience and no little anxiety, she goes along for the ride. She learns a bit about the country, its people, and some very important things about herself. Come along for a virtual ride! But don’t get too comfortable, because one day, it might be your door that adventure finds.

Without Reservation

Author: Randy Kritkausky

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1591433851

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

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A powerful story of spiritual awakening, reconnection with Nature, and rekindling of ancestral wisdom • Details the author’s encounters with ancestral spirits and animal teachers, such as Coy-Wolf, and profound moments of direct connection with the natural world • Shows how ancestral connections and intimate communications with Nature are not unique or restricted to those with indigenous cultural roots • Reveals how reconnection with ancestors and the natural world offers insight and solutions for the complex problems we face We are but a few generations removed from millennia spent living in intimate contact with the natural world and in close commune with ancestral spirits. Who we are and who we think we are is rooted in historical connections with those who came before us and in our relationships with the land and the sentient natural world. When we wander too far from our roots, our ancestors and kin in the natural world call us home, sometimes with gentle whispers and sometimes in loud voices sounding alarms. In this powerful story of spiritual awakening, Randy Kritkausky shares his journey into the realm of ancestral Native American connections and intimate encounters with Mother Earth and shows how anyone can spiritually reconnect with their ancestors and Nature. Like 70 percent of those who identify as Native American, Kritkausky grew up off the reservation. As he explains, for such “off reservation” indigenous people rediscovering ancestral practices amounts to a reawakening and offers significant insights about living in a society that is struggling to mend a heavily damaged planet. The author reveals how the awakening process was triggered by his own self-­questioning and the resumption of ties with his Potawatomi ancestors. He details his encounters with ancestral spirits and animal teachers, such as Coy-Wolf. He shares moments of direct connection with the natural world, moments when the consciousness of other living beings, flora and fauna, became accessible and open to communication. Through his profound storytelling, Kritkausky shows how ancestral connections and intimate communications with Nature are not unique or restricted to those with indigenous cultural roots. Offering a bridge between cultures, a path that can be followed by Native and non-Native alike, the author shows that spiritual awakening can happen anywhere, for anyone, and can open the gateway to deeper understanding.

Without Reservation (Sandy Ridge Series 1)

Author: Lynn Burke

Publisher: Lynn Burke


Category: Fiction

Page: 139

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A Contemporary Romance Series A woman trying to escape her grief. Two men missing a piece of their life's puzzle. Will Meg remain trapped in her pain, or will Trevor and Jack be the key to set her free? Art studio vandalized and her mother in a fresh grave, Meg Winters heads off on vacation with her two best friends. She hopes for peace from her grief and the return of her muse. She doesn’t expect to run into the two men she idolizes, Trevor and Jack, the secretive wonders of the art world whose work she’s long admired. She certainly doesn’t expect them to be gorgeous and determined to fulfill her number one fantasy. They not only awaken her slumbering body, but also her creativity and the life she used to wield with her brushes. However, Meg carries a secret of her own which holds her back from surrendering herself fully to their desires. Will Trevor and Jack be able to overcome her reservations, or will the truth of her past ruin their chance for love? Without Reservation is the first title in the Sandy Ridge series that features sassy heroines, swoon-worthy heroes, and sexy intrigue to keep those pages turning. If you need some heat in your life, grab Without Reservation today! ~~~~~ "Well hot damn! What a scrumptious story full of artistic expression, emotion, and trust. " - Amuse Me Books "This hot little story by Lynn Burke is sure to set you on fire. " - Rhonda, GR Review "Ok, this book is totally hot. 1000% scorching. If you like MFM, this is SO your jam. " - Tammy, Booksprout Review ~~~~~ Keywords: MMF menage, hot romance, male male love, MF, MM, MMF bisexual romance, LGBT, bisexual, contemporary, steamy romance, alpha male, strong heroine, small town romance, lake house romance, vacation romance, Sandy Ridge, series, happily ever after, HEA

No Reservations

Author: Fiona O'Brien

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473657563

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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'You'll devour this in one sitting' Cathy Kelly DOMINIC'S IS THE HOTTEST RESTAURANT IN TOWN And handsome owner Dom Coleman-Cappabianca quickly discovers that things are even steamier out of the kitchen ... For starters, beautiful Carla Berlusconi the Italian-American waitress is causing a stir and Dom's ice-blonde girlfriend Tanya wants her off her patch. While one of Dom's best customers, doctor PJ O'Sullivan still grieves for his wife, sure that he will never find love again. But then he meets Charlotte Keating, the perfect wife, the perfect mother and now the perfectly behaved divorcee ... As the restaurant chases its first Michelin star, Dom is about to learn that when love is the dish of the day, it's a recipe for trouble.

International Commercial Arbitration Practice: 21st Century Perspectives

Author: Horacio Grigera Naon,Paul E. Mason

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 1579113052

Category: Law

Page: N.A

View: 9614

The scope and importance of International Commercial Arbitration (ICA) has expanded exponentially in the last few decades and has become the natural and logical method to resolve international business and economic disputes. This collective work captures the development of ICA from different perspectives and uniquely brings together the ideas, suggestions and perspectives of in-house counsel as the most important users of ICA, along with outside counsel, arbitrators themselves, and major arbitration organizations who all help provide the service. Most, if not all, of the contributing authors have served as counsel or arbitrator in arbitrations and have further contributed, through their writings, teachings or activities in arbitral and other institutions, to the evolution of ICA covered by this collective work. Accordingly, International Commercial Arbitration Practice: 21st Century Perspectives is an indispensable tool for the reader–practitioner, arbitrator, academic, magistrate or student–not only to obtain useful general information on ICA practice today but to gain insightful views as to the influence of this institution in the settlement of international commercial disputes in specific economic areas, industries and commercial activities. International Commercial Arbitration Practice: 21st Century Perspectives brings the process alive and provides the reader with a useful practice guide whether he or she represents a client participating in an international commercial arbitration, is in-house counsel for a company considering arbitration as a possible method of dispute resolution, or is an arbitrator with cases at hand. The book is organized by Parts which contain thematically related chapters. Part I deals with an overview of key elements in ICA practice and includes chapters on how arbitration is conducted under different legal systems such as common law, civil law, and shari'a law, as well as a chapter on cultural issues in international arbitration. Part II contains geographical regional overviews covering most regions of the world (Western Europe, Russia/NIS countries, Asia (particularly China & Hong Kong and the Indian Subcontinent), Middle East & North Africa, Latin America, the U.S., Canada, and Australia & New Zealand. Part III includes individual industry sector views of how ICA is conducted in individual industry and business sectors such as oil & gas, LNG, mining, construction, telecommunications, satellite communications, intellectual property, sports, banking & finance, insurance & reinsurance, securities, shipping & maritime, corporate shareholder and bankruptcy settings. These chapters are highly instructive because many of them were written by current or former in-house counsel in these industries or, in some cases, by outside counsel who focus on these industries. Part IV of the book describes recent trends at several major global commercial arbitration institutions such as the ICC, ICDR, LCIA, CPR and WIPO. Part V deals with questions of how technology has been changing ICA practice in recent years, including chapters relating to the use of technology by some major arbitral institutions, videoconferencing in ICA, and online arbitration of internet domain name and e-commerce cases.

Reservations in Unilateral Declarations Accepting the Compulsory Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice

Author: Stanimir A. Alexandrov

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9780792331452

Category: Political Science

Page: 176

View: 9848

This study examines the reservations to the acceptance of compulsory jurisdiction included in declarations made by States under Article 36(2) of the Statute of the Permanent Court of International Justice and of the Statute of the International Court of Justice and discusses the practical application by the Court of the principle of reciprocity to such reservations in contentious cases submitted to it under Article 36(2). It has been considered that, due to acceptance conditioned by so many, diverse, and complicated reservations, the compulsory jurisdiction of the Court has been declining in significance. The recent trend of acceptance of the compulsory jurisdiction does not support such a conclusion. Since the practice of making declarations with reservations has continued, further study of the Court's jurisprudence in dealing with such reservations seems necessary. This analysis attempts to show that reservations in unilateral declarations do not contribute to the decline of the Optional Clause. In fact, reservations provide for the flexibility which many States consider essential in accepting the compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice. Thus, the right to include a variety of reservations in unilateral declarations may in fact contribute to the wider acceptance of compulsory jurisdiction.