Iyanifa : Women of Wisdom

Author: Ayele Kumari

Publisher: Ayele Kumari


Category: History

Page: 402

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Iyanifa means Mother of Wisdom or Mother of Ifa. It is the position of the High Priestess in the Ifa Orisha tradition . The Ifa Orisha tradition of Africa is thousands of years old and was so strong, it was able to survive the slave trade to go on in the new world. What didn't survive the slave trade ,but remained in Africa was the position of Iyanifa. In a world where women have lost much of their ancient mysteries to patriarchy and slavery, a tradition is presented here that went underground but did not die. Iyanifas, Iyami, and Queen mothers of Africa resurface now to continue a legacy for new generations across the globe. This book is a collection of stories, essays, and explorations of the position of Iyanifa and its resurgence in the Diaspora. Gleaned from the perspective of the elder mothers who broke the glass ceiling to reclaim the tradition , they share their divine wisdom teachings, candid personal experiences, joys, and growing pains drawn from their lives as Iyanifas and women in the tradition. This volume of work features authors such as Luisah Teish, Iyanla Vanzant, Aina Olomo and many other powerful healers, diviners, and counselors. It is offered as a gift to women in the tradition and to those interested in Woman’s and African Studies to explore the path of Iyanifa and to be a resource for years to come.


Author: Constance Ridley Smith

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1463413203

Category: Religion

Page: 216

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A woman has two types of relationships: one is vertical--between God and herself; the other is horizontal - between herself and others. When today’s woman studies the lives of Biblical women, she gains strength and power to overcome even the most difficult life challenges. She becomes equipped to make religion practical in her day-today interactions with others. She is able to gain breakthroughs. Read this book and receive a down-to-earth discussion of Heaven’s guidebook, The Holy Bible. Breakthroughs: Women of the Bible for Women of Today.

The Preacher Woman

Author: Betty J. Darnell

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1619045362

Category: Religion

Page: 106

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"The Preacher Woman" is a must-read for all of the precious women who God has called into ministry. However, this book is not just for women, but it is also for the entire body of Christ. It was written to bring understanding, clarity, unity and oneness within the church of our Lord Jesus Christ.This book biblically depicts that God loves women. He uses them to His glory and to His honor. In this dispensation of time that we are living in, the church needs every person; male and female, using all of their God-given callings, gifts, talents and abilities to be a blessing to the body.Women of God, be encouraged for the word of God says in Galatians 3:27-28 For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.Betty J. Darnell is the Founder and President of Endtime Harvest Christian Outreach Ministry, Inc. She is a member and Minister at World Changers Church International of College Park, Georgia under the anointed leadership of Dr. Creflo A. Dollar Jr. As a part of the ministerial staff, she ministers for the Wednesday and Friday morning bible studies. She is an instructor for the World Changers Church International New Members Class and she conducts the Women's Department Monthly Corporate Prayer meeting. She has a weekly radio broadcast and she is widely known as a conference speaker, teacher, preacher and poet.She is married to Roscoe Darnell Jr. She is the mother of one daughter and two sons and the grandmother of three grandchildren. She resides in College Park, Georgia.

The Women's Seder Sourcebook

Author: Sharon Cohen Anisfeld,Tara Mohr,Catherine Spector

Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing

ISBN: 1580232329

Category: Religion

Page: 336

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Arranged according to the order of the seder, this practical guide gathers the voices of more than 100 women in the form of accessible and inspiring introductions to each part of the seder, overviews of how different aspects of the Passover ritual have been reinterpreted in a feminist context, and much more.

The Total Woman

Author: Carolyn Hunt

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1481717618

Category: Self-Help

Page: 114

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The Total Woman YOU WERE CREATED TO REFLECT HIS BEAUTY! In this dynamic book, “The Total Woman” you’ll discover how you can be complete and whole in every area of your life. This is a book for and about women – women who desire to discover: ? Who they are ? What God has designed and desired for them to be ? What are the principals and qualities of becoming a “Total Woman” ? What is your purpose in life? Dr. Carolyn Hunt writes out of her own unique experience to help women from all walks of life to be confident in whom God designed them to be. The Total Woman features inspiring words to take women on a journey from brokenness to wholeness. This book will motivate women to cease to complain and compare themselves to others, and commence to search for the hidden woman which regulates her life. The time is now! It’s time to step out from under your hidden self and step into your God ordained identity. God designed us...He created us whole... in the image of the Most High God. We are fearfully and wonderfully made! Dr. Hunt is founder of Carolyn Hunt Ministries and pastor of Walk in the Word Family Church in Monroe, Louisiana. Carolyn travels the nation ministering the Gospel, and watching lives changed and set free, spiritually, physically and socially. She is humbled by the call to heal broken hearts, transform lives and save souls.

Women, Spirituality, and Transformative Leadership

Author: Kathe Schaaf,Kay Lindahl,Kathleen S. Hurty, PhD,Guo Cheen

Publisher: SkyLight Paths Publishing

ISBN: 1594733139

Category: Religion

Page: 269

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Presents essays that explore leadership and spirituality in order to inspire women, regardless of their spiritual tradition, to unite and become spiritual leaders.

Buddhism After Patriarchy

Author: Rita M. Gross

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791414033

Category: Religion

Page: 365

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This book surveys both the part women have played in Buddhism historically and what Buddhism might become in its post-patriarchal future. The author completes the Buddhist historical record by discussing women, usually absent from histories of Buddhism, and she provides the first feminist analysis of the major concepts found in Buddhist religion. Gross demonstrates that the core teachings of Buddhism promote gender equity rather than male dominance, despite the often sexist practices found in Buddhist institutions throughout history.

Women of the Bible

Author: Kathy Collard Miller

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418588059

Category: Religion

Page: 352

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The women of the Bible have a lot to say to women of today-how to live, how not to live, what choices to make, and why. The Smart Guide to the Bible: Women of the Bible introduces you to the Old and New Testament's most influential women, both young and old, shy and bold. Through their struggles and situations you'll discover the many blessings of being a wise and faithful woman of God.

Words of Wisdom for Women

Author: Rachel Snyder

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780760741047

Category: Self-actualization (Psychology)

Page: 365

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Explore. Create. Burn. Follow. Play. In "Words of Wisdom for Women", these are not simple verbs-they are a daily invitation to create the life that you are destined to live. Through the power of words, Rachel Snyder inspires women to do simple things that feed their soul and nourish their spirit, sometimes in the most unexpected ways. Containing a word for each day of the year, the book can be opened to any page for a daily dose of comfort and strength, or read straight through for insight and inspiration. Use these words to bring forth wisdom in your journey of self-discovery, and reconnect with the joy that can be found inside you.

Goddess Wisdom Made Easy

Author: Tanishka

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 1788172779

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Learn about the ancient goddess traditions and reconnect with your femininity, your natural cycles and your intuition. Ancient civilizations once worshipped female deities and women were the leaders, counsellors and healers of their communities. Through the ages, the wisdom of the Goddess was then forgotten, and people around the world lost their connection to ancient feminine wisdom. In this practical guide, Tanishka, a leading teacher and author of women's wisdom traditions, introduces the main Goddess cultures and explains how their teachings and practices can empower and transform your life today. You will learn: * the history, philosophy and practices of ancient Goddess traditions * the seven Goddess archetypes and their corresponding chakras * the life stages of the feminine journey and how to transition through each one * rituals to reconnect with your inner goddess * insight and tools to understand and align with the cycles of nature This book was previously published under the title Goddess Wisdom (Hay House Basics series).